Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trials Continue

Last night the swimming Finals got right to the good stuff with the 400 Individual Medley featuring three of the most talented American swimmers in Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Tyler Clary.  Lochte took the win, contrary to my pick, but I can guarantee we'll see a better performance out of Phelps in London.

On the track, there were only a few finals, but the men's 800 packed plenty of excitement as Nick Symmonds, Khadevis Robinson, and Duane Solomon, Jr. emerged from a close pack at the top of the last 100.  Shout to Robinson and Solomon, Jr. who I used to see putting in work when I coached in Santa Monica.  On the women's side, Alysia Montano (aka Ms Flower Power), held on after leading the whole race to win in 1:59.08 followed by Geena Gail and Alice Schmidt.  Both groups of 800m runners have work to do if they hope to make the podium in London.  On the men's side, it will take at least a 1:43 to make it to the Final, and likely a 1:42 low to get on the podium.  For the women, 1:58 and 1:57.  The track goes dark until Thursday, so just swimming picks tonight

Women's 100 butterfly:
Dana Vollmer - She's on a mission, and looks to be swimming more for the podium than to just make another team.
Kathleen Hershey - She's been to the Olympics before, and I think she has a better chance here than in the 200fl where she made the team in 2008

Men's 100 breastroke:  
Brendan Hansen -  the comeback kid looks to add another Olympic chapter to his legacy
Eric Shanteau - he's been 58 long course before, and he's going to need a solid sub-minute performance to make the team.

Women's 400 freestyle: 
Allison Schmitt - She's been one of the most consistent female performers in the last quad.  I don't see her getting unseated here.
Katie Ledecky - There's always a young girl who bubbles up and makes the team.  By all accounts, she is the real deal at 14 years old.

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